29 September 2021

34: Skills needed for facilitation and alternatives to Game of Life

In this episode:
  • Which skills does a facilitator need?
  • Alternative code katas to the Game of Life?

Download the MP3 (9 minutes - 13 Mb) or subscribe to the Feed.

Mentioned in this episode: (Music from Synth Loop 1 by allpurposedw and Gong 001 by tec_studio.)


Bálint Persics said...

Hi Peter!
Thanks for this podcast.

Can you please fix the RSS feed? It only shows Episodes 11 or newer. So anyone who tries to subscribe to it via a podcast app, cannot fetch earlier episodes.

Peter Kofler said...

Thank you for your comment. This seems to be a performance optimisation by the Google blogger feed I am using. If you change the feed URL to https://www.code-cop.org/podcast/rss_feed.php?max-results=999 you will get the latest 999 episodes - so all.

Bálint Persics said...

Thanks! Maybe the Spotify/Apple Podcasts/iTunes etc. URLS shall be modified to this as you cannot subscribe to the whole podcast on those platforms (and IMHO they don't let you insert a custom URL, at least not on Spotify).