24 November 2019

02: Minimum number participants, retrospective without observations and explain the Game of Life

In this episode I will answer the following questions:
  • Should we consider a minimum number of participants to run a Coderetreat?
  • What to focus on during a retrospective if no "noticeable" events had happened during that session?
  • How to help new participants get used to the exercise of Game of Life?

Download the MP3 (8 minutes - 13 Mb) or subscribe to the Feed.

Thanks to my friends Paul Rohorzka, David Leitner and Christian Haas from Developer Melange and Raimo Radczewski for feedback on this episode.

Posters with the rules by Marco Emrich.

(Music from Synth Loop 1 by allpurposedw and Gong 001 by tec_studio.)

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