31 October 2020

25: Top 3 most important facts about Coderetreat facilitation

This episode marks one year of the Coderetreat Facilitation podcast. To celebrate the anniversary - and to prepare for the upcoming GDCR20 I will recap my top 3 most important facts about Coderetreat facilitation:
  • What is the Coding Dojo Mindset? (from episode 10)
  • What is your primary job as facilitator? (from episode 13)
  • Focus on pairing (from episode 15)
  • What is the best way to facilitate? (from episode 5)
  • Why are there four questions when I said "top 3"? ;-)

Download the MP3 (13 minutes - 19 Mb) or subscribe to the Feed.

Thank you all for staying with me for the last year.

(Music from Party horn by audiosmedia, Synth Loop 1 by allpurposedw and Gong 001 by tec_studio.)

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