27 August 2020

New RSS Feed

TL;DR: Feed URL has changed - you need to unsubscribe and subscribe again to this podcast: https://www.code-cop.org/podcast/rss_feed.php.

When I started this podcast last year, I wanted to get it done quickly. I did not think much about Podcast hosting services. I decided to use Google Blogger (again), mainly because I was familiar with it. The Google FeedBurner service worked well to convert the Blogger feed into a podcast one. I was able to subscribe to the feed using my podcast catcher on Android. All was well.

Then people kept asking me if I could put the podcast on iTunes, e.g. Steve Korzinetzki asked Peter, is there a chance to find your podcast on iTunes Podcasts in the near future? :) I considered it a sign of success of the show and had a look. That was five months ago. I faced some technical difficulties and was not sure I could make my feed Apple compliant. FeedBurner allowed only limited customisation. In the end I had to roll my own RSS. While I had not wanted to do that in the beginning, I accepted the need after half a year of podcasting. Further there was no time pressure as the podcast was already life. By creating my own feed, I was able to add extra meta data, e.g. derive the episode number from the file name of the audio file. Win.

So if you subscribed to the podcast here on my website before August 27th 2020, you need to unsubscribe and subscribe again for the new feed URL to be used. The new feed is https://www.code-cop.org/podcast/rss_feed.php.

Thank you all for encouraging me to do this. Now you can find the podcast listed on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, too.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your Coderetreat, Coding Dojo or hands-on workshop, please send me an email or leave a comment. I will answer the question in one of the next episodes.

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